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Why 5 products?

When adopting a zero waste lifestyle, I slowly transitioned to making all that I need for my skin and home.

The first product I developed was the Mineral Mylk Deodorant. After years of research and failed attempts to find a deodorant that worked for me, I started testing different ingredients and recipes myself, until I landed on the recipe that is now our best seller.

Our Melaleuca Tonic came next, in an attempt to reduce a big acne breakout that happened when I changed my routine and moved to a new location for a job. I wasn't sure how to manage my acne with diet and sleep, because both aspects of my life were pretty healthy, so I followed my passion for natural remedies and went to a nearby co-op to find herbs I knew were good for skin cleansing and pore health. I nailed a recipe pretty quickly, and I haven't had a single acne breakout since.

When I quit moisturizers (for reasons including plastic packaging, use of fillers and stabilizers, and discovering there was no moisturizer out there that was non synthetic and with a long enough of a shelf life), I tested out a couple of recipes that would nourish my skin through the hard winter months. One of the recipes worked pretty well, but was too heavy for everyday use and caused inflammation because of the high fat level of fat in some of the oils I used, which ended up clogging my pores. I am really passionate about Ayurveda, and have studied its dietary and medicinal benefits for a while. Knowing Ayurveda uses oils for skin moisturizing, and I went deeper into research and realized a moisturizer is nothing else than a substance with both oil and water content (to add and keep water in our skin!). From then on, I knew I did not need to fight with my skin to find a moisturizer: I just needed to find the perfect oil and combine it with my tonic (high water content and super fresh). The Matcha Oil was a discovery that came around a really cold winter, and kept my skin moist and protected at very low temperatures. I loved it so much I started using it in my hair, body, and even as a makeup remover!

Next in line was the OHL Scrub/Mask. I used a synthetic scrub growing up, filled with microplastic beads for exfoliation, and a heavy artificial citrus smell. I knew I didn't want that on my skin, but at the same time liked the feeling of it, so I tried creating a natural version: compostable, deeply nourishing grains for a fine and gentle exfoliation, a combination of my favorite clay and arrowroot powder for cleansing without dryness, and delicious organic peels from my local farmers market, which combined with Hibiscus and Lavender, created a smell that was delicious at the same time that it had healing properties. It not only worked perfectly as a scrub, but became my go to mask and shower facial cleanser.

Lastly, soap: I used shampoo bars at this point and handcrafted body soap, and had been cooking the idea of making my own soap for a while. After trying out so many natural shampoo and body bars, I knew exactly what I wanted, and after a couple of tests and studies, I got to the EVERYTHING Bar, now my favorite shampoo, face and body soap.

Having five products was never my end goal. All I wanted was to make everything I needed at home, without synthetics, harsh chemicals or ingredients I did not recognize the name. After I created these 5 products, I realized that, combined, they fulfilled all my needs from roots to toes. Some of my friends followed suit, and slowly incorporated my homemade recipes into their routines, which is how I got my first sales and organically launched what now is DOHM.

I have always loved learning by myself. That probably came from both me questioning why everything around me was a certain way, but also from the fact that I am always creating. Before, I would create clothing in fashion school. But being zero waste made me realize the current options on the market did not align with my values, and my design education empowered to remember that if I can create clothes, I can create anything I need, and that inspired me to gradually make everything I need, with the benefit that I now know exactly what is in each of my products.

- Dominique, DOHM Founder & CEO


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