The DOHM Kit will help your skin + body regulate and nourish itself with all natural, non toxic ingredients. Deodorize. Clean and Exfoliate. Replenish and Boost. Nourish and Protect. Repeat! Low waste, food grade and biodegradable, these 5 products will substitute all you currently use for your skin + body, minus all the weird ingredients on the label of most skin care products you find out there.


Comes with:
1x Olive Oil Cleansing Bar (soap + face soap + shampoo!)
1x Sensitive Skin Mineral Deodorant (Magnesium fights odor before it starts)

1x Tea Tree Toning Mist (fight acne, clean skin and tighten pores)
1x Citrus Lavender Facial Scrub (exfoliant + mask)
1x Matcha Moisturizing Facial Oil (moisturizer + makeup remover + hair oil)


SKU: 005

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