DOHM has partnered with Tattoo Artist and Photographer Jane Seixas to create a limited edition Olive Oil Cleansing Bar. This bar has the same base formula of our best seller bar, and serves the purpose of a shampoo, soap, and face wash. What is different?


- Unscented.
- This bar is made with home grown Rosemary tea.
- Amazing for sensitive scalp and dry skin, this bar gently exfoliates scalp and body, helping skin regenerate and renew. 
- Featured ingredients: Organic Rosemary, Indigo, Organic Calendula Flowers and Organic Poppy Seeds. 


Jane Seixas is a Tatto Artist and Photographer living in Brooklyn, NY. They like early morning bike rides and spent this spring creating an indoors herb garden that is currently expanding into a vegetable garden. Their dream cleansing bar has a beautiful swirly design, a deep indigo layer infused with Rosemary tea, and pieces of Calendula and Poppyseed for vibrant composition and a relaxing exfoliating shower ritual. 

Everything Bar (Artist Series | Jane Seixas) Regular price$15


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