Our Citrus Lavender Facial Scrub combines exfoliating and cleansing ingredients that will remove dead skin and restore your natural glow.


2.5 oz.

Citrus Lavender Scrub

SKU: 004
  • Purple Corn Flour: this hard working superfood was used in ancient Peru for a reason. It is a great exfoliating agent containing anthocyanins, giving the corn its deep purple hue.

    Organic Red Clay: helps pull oil and dirt from your pores and leave it looking and feeling refreshed. Red clay is purifying due to being high in iron.

    Arrowroot Powder: has antibacterial properties and antiseptic properties. It is soothing for skin. It was used in indigenous Brazilian traditions to heal the skin from wounds. 

    Complete ingredient list (no fillers!): Purple corn meal, organic red clay, organic arrowroot powder, Organic orange powder, hibiscus powder, lavender essential oil, organic jojoba oil.


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